Willow (__weepingwillow) wrote in loveof_fate,

We each put something special into it. We bought the necklace together at the magic shop and we each took it away to our own special spots and magically charged it. I went to the woods, Tara went to the stream, and I'm not sure where Dawn went. The necklace is a celtic cross, silver, with a small purple sphere in the center of the cross. I was last to charge it, and I held it in my hands, feeling the strength of Tara and Dawn.

I sat in a shady spot, holding the cross in the palm of my hands. I concentrated on it until it grew hazy and I felt dizzy. I infused it with power, wisdom, and protection. I said a few prayers and before long, the necklace was shining a pale white light.

* * * *

Dawn and Tara were busy in the kitchen.

"Dawnie, you need to be out the door in 10 minutes!" I yelled. I knew she would have wanted to be there when Sam gets the necklace, but Tara and I both had to work this afternoon and we wanted her to have it as soon as possible.

"Did you pack some carrot sticks with your lunch? Not just cookies?" I ask, trying not to nag too much.
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