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In her years dealing with death, conspiracy, personal loses and torment, Dana had never felt as lost as she did when she had to tell Mulder that not only was his sister (whom he hadn't seen in over twenty years) more than a little delusional, she was was halucinating, and babbling words that no one could possibly string together to make sense. It wasn't that the things that had happened in her life didn't hit close to home. Because they really did. Her sister's death, her father's, her was hard to deal with. But every time, she'd been able to turn to Mulder for help and a steady hand to get her through it all.

The problem was, with Mulder, he wouldn't reach out to her. He wouldn't ask for help. He wouldn't let her comfort him, or hold him, or do anything else that could slightly resemble mother henning. Usually that didn't bother her; but this was too heavy. Dana didn't even know how he was supposed to begin to cope with this alone. Find your sister. Realize that she's still very much a sixteen year old girl. Tell her what you know. And in the end - watch as she flips out. And flip out was putting it very, very lightly.

It was awkward to her now, to be standing in the foyer of the Summers' house. Samantha was holed up in a vacant bedroom upstairs. She didn't seem to want anyone, or need anyone. Dana looked around, her arms crossed over her chest. She was in the same room, with the same people who denied there was anything going on in this town.

She decided that she would try one more time to get a straight answer.

"Alright. I want someone. ANYONE. To tell me what's going on in this town. And...before you start, I want you to know that I'm...very irrational right now. So, I'm likely going to believe whatever you try to sell me. But, I'm also very likely to take out my gun and blow your head off if I don't like what you have to say, so I'd play me VERY carefully."
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The incident with Samantha has me very worried, very much so considering the reaction and now we have an FBI agent making threats. Normally, I'm not one to speak out of turn but something obviously needs to be done and no one else seems to be doing anything.

I turn to Willow, to Dawn but nothing. Mustering up my voice, I try to regard the red haired woman calmly. " wouldn't believe us if we told you."
Dana narrowed her eyes at the girl.

"Try me."

Yeah, how many times had she seen some shit she just 'wouldn't believe'? Fuck all of that. Since she'd been here she'd seen a man get up off of her autopsy table, and another man turn to dust on top of her partner.

She turned to the slightly older woman; who was supposedly working with Reyes. There was something about her. Something out of place. Her eyes slanted a bit as she looked at her, but stayed otherwise quiet.
"W..w..well," I try to say but my words keep stumbling over one another. And just when I thought I had that under control. I took a deep breath and control my breathing so it's steady. "Well," I say more confidently. "Sunnydale isn't what it seems and..." I share a look with Willow. "Neither are any of us."
Dana decided to drop the ball. Take a step in Mulder's direction.

"Let me guess. Vampires?"
I notice the movement towards her partner. "W..w...well vampires yes. But there are more to us than that specifically." I exchange another look with Willow who gives a small nod. Carefully, I look around and find a vase of flowers, the ones Dawnie picked earlier on in the day and concentrate on it. Slowly, it lifts up into the air.

"Aspecto eiusmodi corymbus commutatus facies."

Suddenly the flowers turn from the purply colour they once were to a deep red then a white.
"Tara and I are witches.. not the magic trick, huge nose, green skin kind of witches.. but the real thing. We have powers. We can make things happen. We can perform spells and rituals. And we aren't the only ones with powers or strange.. querks. The whole town is like this."

I take Tara's hand and instantly feel the surge of energy pulsing through us; energy that always comes to life when we touch.

"Sunnydale is in an important spot.. geographically. This town is above a Hellmouth. An entrance to a demon world where all sorts of scary nasties go in.. and come out."

I stop here, waiting for her questions. Waiting to see if she even believes a word we say. Or waiting for her to pass out.
I turn to Scully and smirk some in a 'I told you so' kind of manner.

I really didn't feel the need to question her. I just knew she was telling the truth, but I'm sure that if there are any lurking questions in the back of my mind, that Scully would bring them to light.

"It makes sense," I mumble aloud. All the many bizarre things happening make sense if 'Sunnydale' really is a hot spot for supernatural activity.
I watch the girls with an eyebrow arched and look from them, back to Mulder, then to them again. Shocked isn't quite the word I would use here.

My sister had been into all of that witch...stuff. Crystals and spells and candles with incense. I just thought she ws full of crap all that time. I still think she was.

But here are two girls standing in front of me making flowers change colors. And I don't really know what to say. Demons and hellmouths. What a misnomer for the name of his town. Sunnydale. And it is sunny and swarming with children and high school spirit and pride for the local sports teams. It's a slice of that white picket fence fantasy.

Never has the term 'don't judge a book by it's cover' rang so true.

Clearing my throat, I look at the girls for a long moment before speaking again.

"Nasties? Vampires, Demons...what else?"

I can't believe I just asked that question. Out loud. That outta impress Mulder.
"Well, there are different kinds of manifestions of evil." I took another strand of hair behind my ear, at least they haven't raised their guns off us and Agent Mulder most definately seems relieved and somewhat pleased with our revelation. "Even some humans have been known to try and raise evil creature type things." I start shying up, I hope they're not too shocked that they'd consider some demons a threat. I'm trying to be mindful of my own demon heritage. "Oh and there's..ww.werewolves too."
"We've discovered that not all demons are evil.. kind of like not all humans are good. Some humans in this town turn out to be worse than demons. We've actually learned a lot over the years.. done a lot of research. It's how we've stayed alive.. that and Buffy..."

I glance over at Tara and Dawn. So now we've spilled our guts. Agent Scully looks like she might want to arrest someone just to get it out of her system and Agent Mulder looks like a kid in a candy store. What a strange pair. They ought to fit right in.
I cross my arms, staring at the FBI agents. Alright, they're scary, but I'm not gonna let myself be intimidated. Or I just won't show it. That's it. I just won't let them know...

Tara and Willow talk and I kind of hang back as they talk about the sorts of magicky evil and non-evil things that are hanging around this town.

I feel kind of left out of the discussion, so I raise my hand and blurt out, "Ooh, me! I'm a green glowing ball of world-destroying energy!" Oh, man. They're either gonna think I'm totally nuts or they'll want to put me in a lab and dissect me. And I dissected a frog in bio and it wasn't cool. Me and my big mouth...
I just can't help but smirk at the 'green glowing' comment. I think I really like these girls. Future recruits for the X-Files maybe..?

"Well, what do you think Scully- Should we move all our stuff and set up the X-File here at the supernatural center of the world?"

I try and push my amusement aside. We were here to get something concrete. Scully taught me this.

"Do any of you young ladies believe that the most recent murder is one that falls under the 'supernatural' category in this town?"
"X-Files? That doesn't really sound like FBI stuff.. that sounds more like porn. Not that *I* would know what porn sounds like," I say, glancing over at Tara. ".. I mean, I imagine it sounds like people having sex, but, um... not that I would know what that sounds like..," I squirm, catching Dawn's eyes. Wait. What did he say? Murder?

"What murder?"
Scully looked at the other woman, letting herself back down a bit and stop sounding so damn defensive.

"A man was murdered. A man we believe Samantha may have known. So, how well do you know her? How much do you know about her life out here? Supernatural occurances aside."

She had her arms crossed across her chest, but in as non-threatening a position as possible. "Look. We just need to understand this. It's a little hard someone make a flower change color, and then be expected to be perfectly okay with everything. I just want to understand."

Her voice softened a bit as she looked at the girls; apparent exhaustion in her eyes.
"Actually, we don't know Samantha all that well." I look to Willow then back to Agents Mulder and Scully. "I'm not sure if you know what a...what a slayer is but that's why she turned up in Sunnydale for. To slay vampires and demons."

I feel thirsty and like I want to be sick as I continue. "Apart from that, we don't know much about it." I fold my arms, not meaning to be defensive but I don't know how else we can explain it. For we don't know a lot about Samantha, we know as much as these guys.
I cross my arms, looking at this Scully woman, and my actions are defensive. Willow just babbles about porn, and okay, ew, but aside from that, they're talking about a murder. It's Sunnydale, demons and vampires galore, when isn't there a murder?

And I don't see how it concerns us. Oh, wait, Samantha. Of course.

"She turned up after Buffy died," I say simply, glaring at the two people. "She's like, the next slayer after my sister. Aside from that, we don't really know her. Not who she is, just what she is."

That's all we have in common.
I cock my head at Scully. I'm listening to what Tara and Dawn are saying, but something isn't right.

"How was this person murdered? It wasn't by anything demonic, was it?"

Then a thought hits me. "You don't think Sam did it, do you? She would never murder an innocent human being.. that isn't what Slayers do."
Scully managed to ignore the sarcastic tone of the younger girl and instead, focused on Willow. She kind of liked that one.

"A man was shot. I don't think Samantha did it." And she didn't. Just because someone was a suspect, didn't mean she had to believe they'd commited the crime.

"But you all seem to know about all the crazy stuff going on in this town. Maybe you know something about a gun weilding person with a grudge. Hopefully, we'll have prints back soon. People think that...wiping a gun clean destroy's fingerprints, but that's not the case. And there are...epithelials - people leave behind evidence wherever they go. So, there's a good chance we have enough to get an ID. But labwork can take up to six weeks. That's why it's so important that we get your help."
"Oh.. well, we don't deal much in the gun area. Tara and I are good at solving mysteries, though. It kind of comes with the territory. We'll do what we can to help you guys out. Especially if it helps Samantha..."

Speaking of Samantha, I wonder how she's doing. Then I realize that agent Mulder is missing.

"Hey, where's Mulder?"
I cross my arms and thrust out my hip, glaring at Willow. 'Tara and I', of course. No one mentions Dawn. I'm not good at anything.

"Yeah, if you want help in the demon department, we're your people, but guns, not so much." I shrug. I can almost read a few demon languages, I've been studying and Willow's been teaching me a little bit of magic, so it's not like she doesn't know. I can be good at stuff too. Solving mysteries.

I'm an ancient mystery too, dammit.
"Dawn.. ," I trail off, giving her a look. I don't want these agents thinking I'm teaching a child about witchcraft and other questionable.. hobbies. Granted, what little bit of knowledge she does have has probably saved her butt.. but I don't expect that much understanding from these agents yet.

I watch as Agent Scully goes upstairs to find her partner. Really, these people shouldn't be bothering Sam so much right now...
I wait until the Scully lady goes upstairs and then turn and look at Willow, arms crossed, totally glaring. She should know better.

"Yeah, I know, I'm just a total liability, right?" I roll my eyes. "It's all my fault, so I should be kept out of it. I mean, all of this, it's my fault!"

It's true. None of this would be happening if Buffy was still alive, if she hadn't died to save the world... and me.

"I'm gonna go for a walk," I say, turn on my heel and walk out of the front door. She can't make me stay at home. She's not my mother. And if she's not gonna teach me, I'm gonna learn on my own.
I sat on the couch as Scully lay into everyone present in the room, claws out to defend her partner and, by association, Samantha. She yelled at these women for answers but the sad fact of the matter was that they only knew half of the story. But what was I suppose to say? I couldn't tell them... God, this had all gone to hell.
Dana looked around the room, realizing that Mulder was no longer next to her, and sighed softly. "Thank you, for your time." She looked at Yves again and then walked up the stairs, to find her partner.