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Love of Fate
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Our Community's layout is a 1st anniversary gift from hazel_eyes_86!

We are a Buffy/X-files crossover community, the first of our kind on Livejournal. Don't let our crossover status deter you though. This story starts at the beginning of Buffy season six, the universe dramatically altered because in this one, Buffy doesn't come back. Willow's plan fails and the scoobies are left behind to pick up the pieces of their lives on their own. Well, as it turns out, not completely on their own. A cocky sixteen year old slayer by the name of Samantha is drawn into Sunnydale by her destiny and meets the gang. Giles has a change of heart and comes back from england to help everyone out with adjusting to their new lives, Willow begins imparting magical knowledge to Dawn, getting deeper into magic herself, Tara tries desperately to hold everyone together in the time of crisis, Xander and Anya find comfort in each other, Spike mopes around and finds himself strangely drawn to the new slayer, and the Buffybot muddles through keeping the powers of darkness and the people who'd like to take away Dawn unaware that her likeness is actually deceased.

But our new slayer has a mysterious past, and a long lost relative staying in town with his partner, who's bound to be uncovered very soon. Come watch the secrets unfold.

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