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I never wanted to be in this apartment again.

Yet hear I was, poking around in the belongings of the man I had killed a short time ago, with Mulder, who I had been trying to keep away from his sister, and Cooper, who made me nervous for some unknown reason. Perhaps it was just that, of all the people on this case, he was the one person I had not been briefed on by my ‘employer’, or maybe it was that he reminded me too much of a lawyer.

I know I didn’t miss anything when I was here last and yet… watching the two agents search every nook and cranny gave me a slight feeling of anxiety, though of course I knew it didn’t show on the outside. I’ve worked a long time to make sure that people don’t know what I don’t want them to know.

Sighing deeply I began searching through the few letters on the desk, they all looked like junk.

I really need to get out of here…

((Open to Mulder and Lindsey.))

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I'd left Mulder with Agent Cooper. I felt a little bad about it, but they seemed to have a few things in common, so they'd find something to do, and as ridiculous as it sounds, I didn't need Mulder underfoot when I went and did what I had to do. Earlier, his high emotions had complicated things, and as much as it's not like him to muck up a case like this, under the situations, I could understand. He never saw clear when it came to his sister.

So, when I went to talk some sense into the girl's friends, I went on my own. They'd see reason if they really were as concerned as they seemed to be. The reaction they'd had to the whole chain of events wasn't normal, though, and that concerned me most of all. They'd seemed content to lock her away upstairs rather than seeking the proper medical attention she so obviously needed, and when the subject came up, they got distracting. I wonder if they honestly believed they could do magic or were trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

Mulder may be somewhat easily led from time to time, but I can't believe he could have bought that bullshit. It's like the whole world had gone crazy. You'd think I'd be used to the feeling by now. The main feature was that crazy or not, these girls had something to hide, and I needed to get the bottom of it before Agents Reyes, Harlow, and Cooper found out about it. Letting out a long breath, I walked up the front steps to Buffy Summers' house and rung the doorbell.

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After a lot of arguing and reassurances that Sam would be fine and safe, I finally got the agents to leave. I left Sam tucked into Buffy's old bed, trying to ignore the irony. Spike would be taking her to his lair in the morning. He kept saying he should take her now, under the cover of night, but I felt uncomfortable with that idea. Suddenly the loyal lap dog, Spike refused to leave Sam's side all night. He ended up sleeping in a chair next to Buffy's bed.

Tara, Dawn and I sat down with Cordelia in the dining room and talked. Apparently, she was on the recieving end of some visions that warned her when people where in trouble. She'd gotten one of these visions that seemed to be about Sam. This confirmed my strange feelings about something or someone coming after her. Cordy went on for an hour about all her adventures with Angel until I shut her up by saying Dawn needed sleep. We made up a bed for Cordy on the couch. Climbing into bed with Tara, I tried to relax, but I couldn't. The feelings of protectiveness towards Sam were growing and I felt inadequate. I'd let two strange FBI agents poke and prod at her, for pete's sake. What was I thinking? I vowed to make no more mistakes and I finally drifted off to sleep as Tara rubbed my back in comforting, gentle circles with one hand.

We were up early the next morning, getting Dawn off to school. I spent half an hour coaxing Sam out of bed and into the shower. She refused to eat anything. I combed out her wet, tangled hair while Tara brought her some old clothes of Dawn's. They probably weren't the kind of clothes Sam would pick out for herself, but she didn't seem to be too concerned.

Spike spent the morning stalking around the house, closing blinds and muttering to himself. Cordelia grumbled and refused to get up and help us, so we left her on the couch. Finally, we were ready to go. I pulled out a huge black cloak that seemed to be part of an old Halloween costume for Spike to wear. He complained about it smelling like moth balls. I packed some extra clothes for Sam in one of my old school bags and had her carry it. Tara, Spike, Sam and I looked perfectly normal, walking down the sidewalk... like two sisters, taking their younger sister to school with their.. black-cloaked big brother. Yes. Perfectly normal. Except we weren't headed for school, we were headed towards the cemetary.

We arrived at Spike's... um.. cave-thing with no problems. Sam immediately shrugged off the bag and curled up on Spike's bed like she belonged there.

"Right, well.. Tara and I will just be going.. Cordy is probably finally awake by now. Spike, don't do anything stupid okay? We'll be back later tonight after work to check on you. Don't let anyone in here. And don't let Sam out of your sight. And.. try to feed her something since she didn't eat breakfast. And.. okay I think that's it," I said, not wanting to leave Sam here in this hole with a vampire of all things.

(Open to anyone at Spike's place.)
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Still don’t really know what happened. All I know now things were better. Seems soon as that stupid git left the girl started to come back to it. Wonder if him leaving had anything to do with it. Don’t really get it either, something bout him being her brother. Didn’t even know she had a brother, sure was news to me. Most of what happened last night was news to me. Make love to a girl one night thinkin’ everything is ok, sides her friend that died, and then come to find her locked in her room going crazy. Still have to try and get to the bottom of this but when she came to it last night I didn’t want to go around searching for answers just yet. Had to be there for her like I promised. I wasn’t going to leave her side, was going to make sure she got through whatever it is that she’s getting through.

She asked me what happened…I didn’t really say much. Didn’t really know what to say yet. Just ran my fingers through her brown locks and held her against me. After a few minutes of that I ok her over to the bed and got her under the covers. Told her that she needed her sleep which she didn’t seem to argue. Could tell whatever had happened was taking a toll on her. Fell right asleep to, in my arms I might add. Seems that brother of hers really didn’t know what was best. Thought he could be the one to fix her and didn’t want me by her.

Took me awhile to fall asleep. Kept on thinkin’ bout her, the other slayer. The one I shouldn’t be thinkin’ of. Started to wonder how things would’ve been different if she didn’t die. Not that she’d ever want me to begin with but still always had that thought from time to time, or I did. Ever since the other night with Sam I haven’t really thought of Buffy. I mean sure the general thought here and there but not like I used to. Sam showed me something else, made me feel something I thought I’d never feel and for that I was grateful for. Just had me worried, wasn’t much of one to worry, least not since I was a vampire. But when it came to stuff like that I did, every time I poured my heart out to someone I just ended up broken in the end. I want to believe the same won’t happen with Sam and I don’t believe it will but there is still that doubt. She just meet me, probably still things I’m some big bad vampire of the night, doubt she’d still like me when she see’s all the true sides of me. No body liked the true sides of me, the sides of me that are still there covered by this mask of being a creature of the night.


Much as I try to push him away, especially after I just turned, I can’t seem to do so. Wanted to save my mother, Dru thought I was crazy for that. Didn’t understand why either, latter I did. That wasn’t right for a vampire to still have feelings bond to his mortal life. Most of them killed their human families. Always heard the stories bout Angel and what he did after he was turned. But I was different, always was different. That’s why Cicely wouldn’t have me, and the others would mock me.

Thought I could change, thought I could be this evil vampire. Which I was mind you, very good at it to. Hide William deep behind the mask till that day. Till the day I saw the slayer, Buffy Summers. Something bout her did something to me. Used to blame it on the bloody chip but it wasn’t the chip. Dru noticed it way before the chip, that’s why she turned her back on me. Told me I went soft which I set out to prove her wrong. Suppose she may have been right, not that I’d ever admit to that. And now the same with this Slayer, she’s making me feel more then I have ever in human and dead life.

Felt a bit of movement from Sam. Glancing down I look at her, eyes still closed but could tell she’d wake up any moment. Lightly I place a kiss on her forehead. Her skin so soft and warm, couldn’t help the feeling it gave me, a feeling I probably shouldn’t be having either. Wasn’t suppose to be happy or anything of that sort. But somehow I was. Though I knew when she’d wake up there would still be that chance of her slipping back to that place she was last night. Wasn’t completely ready to go back into that again but I would for her.

[ Open to the lovely yet ever so crazy Sam ]

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So this was Sunnydale.

One of the most famous towns in demonic history, and it was barely founded a century or so previous. It definitely fit into the Southern California motif, had that laid back feel. I wonder if they knew that the town was founded over a Hellmouth, built to fruitation by an immortal demon, who just happened to be their mayor for the better part of always, until Angel's gal pal put the brakes to that last year.

Not that that really concerned me. Though, the physical evidence left behind from an ascension would have been great information for the firm, as I no longer was with W&H, it didn't suit me to worry about the what ifs of the past.

I was here on a different sort of mission. Who knew I'd go from law to the heavy handed arm of the government?

I strolled the sunlit sidewalks, taking in the warmth, and appreciating the fact that when the sun went down this place was totally different than the way it was now.

If only this was a nature walk though, a nice afternoon stroll to enjoy the day. But alas, I was here to work, and work I shall. I stop across the street from the resident coffee joint. There she is, just as she looked in the picture that my new employer had given me. However, in all fairness, I would have recognized her even with without the photo. In the bright colors of a California crowd, her simple black ensemble stood out. She wasn't from around here. She was a Washington type. I would scoff at black as a sunny day outfit, if I wasn't wearing it myself. Not to mention, the black TOTALLY accentuates her red hair. She looks rather hot.

BUT...that's also not why I'm here.

I cross the street, and walk directly toward her outdoor table. By the time she realized I am approaching her, I'm already there. I reach in my lapel pocket and produce an ID.

"Agent Scully? Agent Dale Cooper. I've been dispatched by AD Skinner to aid in this case. Do you mind if I join you? We have a lot to discuss..."

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Mmmm coffee. That was the only thought in my head as I put the cup to my lips. Obviously the almighty 'Powers that Be' had other ideas for my morning. Searing pain caused my eyes to shut; ceramic mug crashing to the floor as hands needed to grip something in order to keep balance.

Blurry images flashing, almost too quickly to get a handle on:
A dark haired young woman held down by what seemed like a half dozen men in a dark room. Long scary needles. An older man watching, face unseen. Off to the side, a smirking Lindsey McDonald? Flashing to another location; this one somehow familiar. A shock of peroxide hair. Lots of unfortunate fashion choices. Another recognizable face. Willow! A man holding a gun? And then total darkness...

Huh? I opened my eyes slowly, wondering if maybe I'd been asleep and dreaming. Blinking a few times, I stared down at the broken pieces of my favorite mug and spilt coffee staining the carpet. Trouble in Sunnydale; what else was new? Well, Buffy wasn't around to kick evil's ass anymore, for one. Hmm. What the hell would Mr. "I'm leaving LA because I don't want to work for an evil law firm anymore," be doing in a town built on a Hellmouth anyway? The girl in the vision obviously had some connection to what was left of the Scooby Crew. That in itself usually meant danger. Geeze, you'd think people would realize that eventually! Wow, I should probably bring this to Angel's attention right away, especially with Lindsey involved, but how could I? "Hey Angel, we need to go to Sunnydale. Feel free to stop by Buffy's grave while we're there!" Ouch. It had only been a few months since the slayer's death. Angel is still a mess emotionally, and his hair's looking kinda funky too, but that's yet another subject off limits.

I guess that's how I came up with the bright idea of heading to Sunnydale on my own. I mean, how dangerous could it be? At the Angel Investigations office, I gushed about an acting opportunity that would force me to be away from LA for a while. Everyone seemed thrilled for me. I even promised to call right away if the vision thing happened. There was a chance Angel would get suspicious eventually, since I'd given him few details. However, I felt the need to check out the sitch in person, not exactly sure why...but there ya go!

Later that night, with more luggage than most people would deem necessary, I arrived in Sunnydale. The thought of staying in a motel skeeved me out more than a little, but I could always brag about how I'd sacrificed for the greater good later. I sure hope everyone appreciates this! After retouching my makeup, I drove over to the Summers home, shrugging off the feelings of unease. Now here I am, ringing the doorbell at a house I'd never expected to see again.

[Open to anyone at the Summers' household]

Scoobie Meeting

We're sitting in the basement.  Tara and I cast a protective circle using sea salt and white candles.  Dawn watched from the steps.  The three of us sit in the circle, holding hands.  I can feel Dawn's emotions through her tense grip.  She's giving off a lot of anger and I know she knows I feel it.  She wants me to.  But I also feel something else there, something she doesn't know I feel.  It's guilt and sadness.  She feels guilty about all of this.  I want to shake her and hug her and tell her I love her and that none of this is her fault, but I don't. 

"We need to talk about what we're going to do about Samantha," I say, looking from one woman to the other.  "She's our Slayer and I don't think these FBI agents have any clue how important that is."  I take a deep breath.  "I also think that there are things they aren't telling us.  Samantha has other people after her.  I can see it whenever I look at her now.  It's her fear, it's visible.  We have to do something to keep her safe.  I feel like she's our responsibility.. she doesn't have a Watcher and we know more about this than she does because of Buffy...," I trail off.  Buffy is the reason why we have to keep this girl safe and away from her fears. 

I look up at Tara and Dawn.  We're the only Scoobies left and I need them both.

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They were all the same.

These men with power.

I'm not talking about Presidents or army generals. That was small stuff. It was the real men with power. The people who knew magic existed, the boogeyman was in the dark, and that aliens were on our planet. They men who knew that...and kept it from everyone else.

I am very familiar with such men.

I used to work (and essentially still do, so says my soul binding contract) at Wolfram & Hart, evil incorporated to those in the occult world. The CEO there was one of those men.

Hell, I was one of those men.

...and being one of those men, I am rarely intimidated by other men who are of the same vein.

So when he came to me, I was hardly impressed. But I can tell he was the type of man who was used to being listened to and being feared. Clearly he had never met the Senior Partners.

He said he needed me, had to make sure that the government had its hands clean. Naturally. He was part of a Shadow Government, the kind that doesn't exist. Well, on any paper...or any spoken word. These were the guys that really ran things, kept the aliens from the public, kept the flouride in the drinking water. Conspracies were there game. When it came to cover-ups and employee control, even they made W&H look bad.

So why me?

Probably because they made a mistake. A huge one.

...and it involved a Slayer.

And it just so happens that dealing with vampires, and on occasion by default, their Slayers...was a specialty of mine. He needed a media smokescreen, something to keep prying eyes away while he swept in and got what was his.


I can do that.

"Just so we're clear. Yes, I'll gladly take this job."

I see him smile. It's not to help him, but if anything, going to Sunnydale will give me perspective on how deal with Angel. Those were his roots.

"...but I am not your patsy, and I'm not dealing with your good old boy network. I'll do things your way on the business side, as long as we're clear that when it comes to application...we're doing things my way. SO if we're good, all I have to say...is you have yourself a deal."

I stand up to indicate we're done here, and then pause.

"Oh, and one more thing..."

I reach into my desk drawer and get a small glass dish and throw it upon the wooden surface of my desk.

"...from here on out, there will be NO smoking in MY office."

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It's almost too much to grasp. All that has been revealed in the last few hours. The new connection between me and Scully, Samantha coming to recognize me somewhat, Sunnydale being not what it seems and adding on top of that the whole deal with Krycek, it's surprising that I'm still up and around.


I look to Scully to make sure she's busy taking her questioning occupation seriously. I turn and as silently as possible I make into the bedroom they put my sister in when he took that fall.

I open the door slightly and look in.

((open to Samantha))