debunk_this_42 (debunk_this_42) wrote in loveof_fate,

I guess there really is no rest for the weary, I think as Mulder and I drive to a fresh crime scene.

I'd had possibly one of the, it *was* the best night of my life last night, and instead of getting to bask in the moment this morning, I woke up to Mulder's cell phone chirping. We were on our way in fifteen minutes or less to the scene of a murder. A lot of blood loss, so Mulder's hoping for vampires again. I'd actually prefer something somewhat normal that I may actually be able to figure out.

We get to a nice (cheap looking) apartment complex and with a flash of our badges, walk right into the unit that's roped off with crime scene tape with no further question. I slip easily into investigation mode, looking around first at my surroundings before looking towards the body that's now covered by a white sheet.

I slip on a pair of gloves and leave Mulder to talk with the police. He can handle the local P.D. while I do what I do best. At the thought of a bumbling police officer I accidentally think of Agent Reyes. I wonder if she'll be upset we didn't call her. I shrug it off. Oh well. She'll be alright.

I lift up the sheet and immediatly freeze, my arm holding the sheet in the air as I stare at the lifeless body of Alex Krycek. As I stare I look over his frame, noting the single gunshot wound. My heart sank just a little, despite the fact this man had never been an ally, and was constantly a threat. He'd thought enough to give me information about Samantha; granted he'd threatened me, but never the had been information. And now the only link I had (Mulder had) to Samantha was laying here dead on the floor.

Somehow I find my voice and look up, calling out. "Mulder..."
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