Willow (__weepingwillow) wrote in loveof_fate,

Leaving on a jet plane..

First Buffy, now we're losing Xander and Anya? Well, okay, we aren't really losing them. But they're leaving the state! Of course I'm happy for this great job opportunity that Xander got. Of course. But what about us?! Don't we mean anything to him anymore? Has he really stopped caring that much now that Buffy is gone? There were three people in our friendship, not just two. And I'm still alive. I still need him.

I'm being selfish. We all have to grow up sometime. We all have to leave. I just can't.

Maybe that's what it is. Maybe I'm just jealous that Xander can pack his bags and leave. I can't. I have Dawn to look after now.. and I can't just leave the Hellmouth when it only has a newbie slayer to protect it. Maybe someday I can break away.

Tara, Dawn and I help Anya pack. She's yelling at us to pack things a certain way. I'll even miss Anya. I pack the picture of the three of us.. Buffy, Xander, me. I wrap it carefully in newspaper and put it in the box with other pictures. I try to stop myself, but tears are fast.
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