William the Bloody aka Spike (_fool_for_love) wrote in loveof_fate,
William the Bloody aka Spike

Fell asleep with the girl in my arms. Have to say the feeling was nice. Made me almost have that feeling they say you get, that feeling of being complete. Though I doubt things will be the same in the morning. She had a few drinks and was dealing with the death of someone dear to her. That isn’t just something that goes away, usually makes one act in strange ways.

The night thing I know, I’m starting to see some light. My eye lids are slowly starting to open taking in what’s round us. Of course it wasn’t actually light I was seeing, just something other then black.

For a moment there I almost forgot bout her being here. Was bout ready to jump up but then everything came back to me. What we did last night, the way she felt..Hell the way she made me feel.

I placed my arm round her once more. Really did feel nice. I took in her scent as I brought my body a bit closer to hers. Next thing I know I’m starting to smell her hair a bit, can’t help it. It smelled so damn beautiful.

Leaning up a bit I place a kiss on her cheek and look down at her. I was a fool for not doing this sooner. Sure, didn’t know her that long to begin with but I should’ve realized from the start. Which I suppose I did just didn’t realize it yet.

I bring my hand up to her cheek and let my finger tips slowly trail along her face. Her skin was so soft against my fingers. Don’t know what the bloody hell was happening other then the fact that I was starting to fall for her, more then I attended to.

Now I just have to wait for her to wake up and realize what she’s done and run off from me. That would be just my luck to. Never was good at that whole luck thing.

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