debunk_this_42 (debunk_this_42) wrote in loveof_fate,

Who: Monica
Where: Motel
When: Just after Mulder and Scully have been at the crime scene

I guess eventually, I'm going to have to learn how to work with other people.

I sighed and rub my forehead, not even sure of what *needs* to be done next. And as if my life wasn't complicated enough already, now Mulder's avoiding me and I had no idea if it's because of the case, or because we slept together. Whatever it is, we aren't talking much now. And that bothers me.

I walked into my motel room and listen for sounds coming from the adjoining space. Nothing. I sit in the middle of my bed and being to spread out files around me and boot up my laptop. There has to be something that I'm missing, here. I sent the gun to the LA lab. Whoever fired the shot attempted to wipe the gun down. Don't people know that life is not like the movies? You can't just wipe down a gun and hope to be rid of prints. There were a few latent prints that should give us a hit *if* whoever did the shooting has already been run through AFIS. I sigh again. Please let this person have a record. Just make my job that much easier. Somehow I'd managed to get a bloody print enhancer to use at my disposal, to try and stain the protien in the bloody handprint on the floor - to try and get a visible print impression. I'd only gotten a few partials, but I sent those out as well, and sent the blood through CODIS to see if *maybe* we had a repeat offender on our hands.

In the back of my mind, I highly doubt it. No one professional would have been that sloppy.

I stare at my computer screen blankly, wondering where Mulder is.
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