Jonathan Levinson (dynamo_ofaction) wrote in loveof_fate,
Jonathan Levinson

I can't believe those guys ditched me, AGAIN. It's bad enough I have to be the butt of all thier lame jokes, really lame, but now they're just taking off on missions completely without me. Is it to much to ask to be included in our own plans? I saure as heck don't think so. And they need me, even if they don't me or anything. We're in this together, though, it's like they forgot the mission statement up on the whiteboard.

Shrink rays, trained gorillas, Workable prototype jetpacks, and chicks, chicks, chicks.

Well, it is going to be really cool...I mean, once we get past all this petty stuff we're totally going to be as cool as the Buffy and her friends, if not cooler. Man oh man, up until a month ago, I would have thought that was impossible. And now...we're going to be like, crime lords, super villians...three times more powerful than were ever were alone. Maybe I never got to hang out with Xander and Willow in highschool, but that's okay, because I defenitley chose the right team. They're going to be sorry they- never sat with me at lunch or anything. And most important of all, we're not alone. We're a team now.

Now if I can just remind them of that....
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