Samantha (iwouldnt_fear) wrote in loveof_fate,

She's laying in a cave, chained to the ground by her arms and legs. She doesn't know how she got there but she's trembling with fear, four tall, african men with robes and staffs surround her, chanting. A cloud of primal looking black smoke appears and heads toward her, she struggles madly, but it's no use. She's weak. Helpless. The smoke appraoches her face and slips in to her nose, mouth and eyes. She screams but no sound comes out. The smoke turns into a thick, black oily substance. The black oil. The oil slips into her body and crawls under her skin. Her pupils turn black and she screams outloud. It hurts...god it hurts...It tears at her insides and burrows deep inside her.

"where's my mommy?" No one answers. No one cares.

She blinks and the cave becomes a large, white room. Her eyes dart around wildly and she sees men in doctor's uniforms with masks, feels that she's laying on a cold metal table. One of the men takes a scalpel and makes an long, careful incision along her abdomen. She whimpers and tears gather in her eyes. Then a black, oily demon comes crawling out of the cut and lunges at the doctors, killing them all, ripping into them in ferocious energy and tearing them to shreds. She can hear screaming as blood is splattered on the walls of the white room.

She blinks and she's back in that room, sitting in the corner, she likes corners, and she can't help but laugh, a slow laugh that bubbles up inside because the world's not right, nothing is real or pretend anymore, it's like fingerpaints. She remembers mixing the colors, red and blue and there's just red.

"you're a dream, just a dream. pretty little pictures in my head." Mostly not so pretty, she thinks.

They crawl around like spiders in her brain and she can feel them wiggling in the creases. She raps her head on the wall again and again, maybe she can frighten the spiders away. If she could just crack open her head and let all those spiders out....then she could sleep. Eyes open, eyes closed, there's no difference anymore. It's all become one blurry, waking nightmare.

((open to anyone who wants a one on one encounter with Samantha))
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