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Scoobie Meeting

We're sitting in the basement.  Tara and I cast a protective circle using sea salt and white candles.  Dawn watched from the steps.  The three of us sit in the circle, holding hands.  I can feel Dawn's emotions through her tense grip.  She's giving off a lot of anger and I know she knows I feel it.  She wants me to.  But I also feel something else there, something she doesn't know I feel.  It's guilt and sadness.  She feels guilty about all of this.  I want to shake her and hug her and tell her I love her and that none of this is her fault, but I don't. 

"We need to talk about what we're going to do about Samantha," I say, looking from one woman to the other.  "She's our Slayer and I don't think these FBI agents have any clue how important that is."  I take a deep breath.  "I also think that there are things they aren't telling us.  Samantha has other people after her.  I can see it whenever I look at her now.  It's her fear, it's visible.  We have to do something to keep her safe.  I feel like she's our responsibility.. she doesn't have a Watcher and we know more about this than she does because of Buffy...," I trail off.  Buffy is the reason why we have to keep this girl safe and away from her fears. 

I look up at Tara and Dawn.  We're the only Scoobies left and I need them both.

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Of course. This is about Samantha. Ever since... ever since the summer, it's been all about Samantha, ever since she got here. Does anybody even remember the Slayer that was here before her? Does anyone care?

I stare in front of me as Willow talks, but can't help smirking. "I don't think she's our responsibility," I say and I'm surprised at how my voice sounds, like, cold. Totally cold. I don't care about Samantha. I don't. She shouldn't be here. She shouldn't be the Slayer.

"Whatever happened to her before she came here isn't our problem. So I don't see how we're responsible for her." I shrug. Not my problem. Not responsible. I'm not. "And because we had Buffy doesn't make us responsible for her." She's not Buffy. She could never be Buffy.
"No one is saying that she is Buffy, Dawn. No one is thinking that. But it is our responsibility. We have knowledge of Slayers and bad guys that other people don't have. And the three of us together, I think, could be very powerful. We have a responsibility to Samantha and to the world. She has no Watcher and I believe she came to us for a reason."

I'm shocked at Dawn's uncaring attitude. I squeeze her hand and tug on her arm to get her to look at me. "Do you want to see your friends die, Dawn? Do you want to see Sunnydale fall apart?"
I listen to Willow trying to reassure Dawnie that no one is saying Samantha is Buffy, it's very true. "Dawnie," I say interupting which is I confess a bold effort on my behalf. "Willow is right, we've been protecting Sunnydale far longer which is why we should help Samantha. Not cast her out."
I roll my eyes. "Sure. We shouldn't cast her out, okay." See my friends die? My friends won't die because I didn't help out the stupid Slayer. I look at Willow as she tugs on my arm. God, does she have to treat me like I'm twelve? I've never even been twelve.

"I just don't really want to make her our personal little project, okay? We don't owe her anything. She's a lot of trouble." I know that sounds really bad, but what am I supposed to do? The Slayer is supposed to protect people, not be a total head case. Jeez. "I think she should figure out her own deal before she goes acting all big and Slayer-y."
"And what are we supposed to do until then? ... You've brought up a good point though, Dawn. She doesn't seem capable of protecting anyone right about now, what with the crazy crying and rocking back and forth."

The answer came to me and I straightened up with new resolve, gripping their hands.

"We need to patrol tonight. And tomorrow night.. and the next night. Until Sam snaps out of it. And we need to keep our eyes on her.. Something is after her. And it isn't the usual big bad. I think it's worse than that..."
Willow is smart, she usually has a way of figuring these things out. "Do you think it will help?" I ask gently. "I guess wh..what I'm trying to say is what if we can't help her? Shouldn't she be hospitialised?" I look from Willow to Dawn then back. "Isn't that what they do with people who aren't quite...well...I don't mean to say crazy but she is rocking back and fourth."
"Yeah, hospitalize the Slayer, that'll help," I say sarcastically, then regret it. I can never be mean to Tara. She's just too... Tara. "I mean, isn't it dangerous? They'll find out she has superpowers and they'll never let her go and then we'll be completely Slayer-less."

Can you imagine sticking Sam into a roomful of doctors? Such a bad idea.

I squeeze my hands into fists. Yeah, patrolling's a good idea. Three girls who can barely take one vamp on their own, less so however many attack us at one time. But what else are we supposed to do?

And I'm mad at Sam again. She's the Slayer, she doesn't have time to be crazy!
"Dawn..," I start to chastise her for snipping at Tara. I think better of it. No more fights.

"Let's go check on Sam.. see if we can't get anything coherent out of her. Then we'll get our weapons and patrol. We've been training for this. Together, our magic is strong."

I'm starting to sound like one of those self-help books.. or a hallmark card.
"I don't have any magic," I mutter, getting up and going over to the stairs. Patrol, what a great idea. I guess it's something better to do than sit around and be pissed at Sam and at life in general. It's weird, patrolling was something I so wanted to do when Buffy was around, and now... it just doesn't seem right.

"One insane Slayer check, coming right up," I say quickly and run up the stairs. I don't need Willow to yell at me anymore.