Cordelia Chase (imthedip) wrote in loveof_fate,
Cordelia Chase

Mmmm coffee. That was the only thought in my head as I put the cup to my lips. Obviously the almighty 'Powers that Be' had other ideas for my morning. Searing pain caused my eyes to shut; ceramic mug crashing to the floor as hands needed to grip something in order to keep balance.

Blurry images flashing, almost too quickly to get a handle on:
A dark haired young woman held down by what seemed like a half dozen men in a dark room. Long scary needles. An older man watching, face unseen. Off to the side, a smirking Lindsey McDonald? Flashing to another location; this one somehow familiar. A shock of peroxide hair. Lots of unfortunate fashion choices. Another recognizable face. Willow! A man holding a gun? And then total darkness...

Huh? I opened my eyes slowly, wondering if maybe I'd been asleep and dreaming. Blinking a few times, I stared down at the broken pieces of my favorite mug and spilt coffee staining the carpet. Trouble in Sunnydale; what else was new? Well, Buffy wasn't around to kick evil's ass anymore, for one. Hmm. What the hell would Mr. "I'm leaving LA because I don't want to work for an evil law firm anymore," be doing in a town built on a Hellmouth anyway? The girl in the vision obviously had some connection to what was left of the Scooby Crew. That in itself usually meant danger. Geeze, you'd think people would realize that eventually! Wow, I should probably bring this to Angel's attention right away, especially with Lindsey involved, but how could I? "Hey Angel, we need to go to Sunnydale. Feel free to stop by Buffy's grave while we're there!" Ouch. It had only been a few months since the slayer's death. Angel is still a mess emotionally, and his hair's looking kinda funky too, but that's yet another subject off limits.

I guess that's how I came up with the bright idea of heading to Sunnydale on my own. I mean, how dangerous could it be? At the Angel Investigations office, I gushed about an acting opportunity that would force me to be away from LA for a while. Everyone seemed thrilled for me. I even promised to call right away if the vision thing happened. There was a chance Angel would get suspicious eventually, since I'd given him few details. However, I felt the need to check out the sitch in person, not exactly sure why...but there ya go!

Later that night, with more luggage than most people would deem necessary, I arrived in Sunnydale. The thought of staying in a motel skeeved me out more than a little, but I could always brag about how I'd sacrificed for the greater good later. I sure hope everyone appreciates this! After retouching my makeup, I drove over to the Summers home, shrugging off the feelings of unease. Now here I am, ringing the doorbell at a house I'd never expected to see again.

[Open to anyone at the Summers' household]
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